My journey in long term care began in the late 1990's when i convinced my husband that we needed a bigger home to raise our three daughters.  His reply was "get a job"! I had been a stay at home mom for a good bit of the girl's younger days and worked in different jobs locally always finding employers that were "kid friendly".  I had a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Louisiana Tech University, so I combed the newspapers looking for a job that needed a social worker.  My first job in a long term care facility started in Monroe, Louisiana as a "Social Service Designee" but commuting to Monroe, Louisiana from my home in Bastrop soon became more difficult due to my children becoming involved in school activities and after school programs.


I received my Louisiana Nurisng Facility License in 2000 and became Administrator of a facility in Bastrop in 2001.  During these 11 years, I was exposed to many different changes within the long term care spectrum: the nursing facility housed many residents that had to be evacuated during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita and new emergency preparedness regulations developed related to the hurricanes along with other changes within the industry.  In 2011 I excepted a position in Monroe, Louisiana and remained there for 7 years.  I am a certified preceptor and my most recent Administrator in training became a licensed Administrator in 2020. 


I am excited about being in the Arcadia area as the Administrator for Willow Ridge, I look forward to meeting each of you.


Rhonda McGee,

Executive Director

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